It’s Called Life!

There are always ups and downs in life. I just think that it is a matter of a rolling wheel. Everybody will get their own turn. But to be honest, for me, when life is somehow handling me a lemon, I become so melancholy in facing everything happens around me. 

That is because I’m a thinker. A deep one. Sometimes over thinking. And when I am in the adulthood life, I keep questioning why I have this kind of personality. And the answer I found is that my childhood experience and my parents’ way of raising me have molded me so i have this personality trait.

Anyway, just as time has passed I also learn that whenever I was put in a low condition, and I pray hard, Alloh always gives me a reward. That’s for sure. And no matter how hard it is I can always survive. 

So I just have to keep positive on this one. And to always remember the wonderful family given to me as the strength to face it. 

Alloh, I know very well that you have already answered my prayers for years. I will never doubt or disappointed on you. Please, give me more strength and give me your guidance in every decisions I make. Ameen…


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