What Second Pregnancy Means to Me

It means that literally I’m getting older. It means my little family will get bigger the next few months with the coming of the new member in my family. It means that I’ll be a mother of two. It means that Azzam my first son will have a new company at home. It means he will learn more to be independent and become a good brother. Overall, it means i succeed in planning my pregnancy.

However, this second pregnancy somehow puts me at one of the lowest points in my life. I feel terrible with my own body. I’m dizzy, nauseous, weak, vomiting, losing my appetite, losing my spirit, and sadly I’ve got a toothache. What a life!

This pregnancy is very much different with my first pregnancy. My first pregnancy was very normal. I got a morning sickness but minutes after that I was okay and just continued my activities. Except that I was too sensitive at that time . But this time, it really affects both my body and my mind.

I just hope that everything will get better soon… Oh Alloh, please help me and guide me… Ameeen..


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