Study Skill

As a student, the most common and frequent distress or problem that we experience is that when we have many subjects and materials to learn. The others are to deal with assignments, tasks, tests, projects, etc. It can be frustrating sometimes if we have not only activities and duty in school or college but also activities in students’ organization or other communities. However, it is not something that cannot be managed or tackled. In fact, for some students they can even still ‘survive’ their busy schedule with good marks in their subjects. It is something called study skill that can help students to deal with those tasks. In simple definition, study skill is the approach that we use when we study. There are several methods in study skill that students can apply.

First, if we are a visual learner (we learn easier by using graphs, pictures, diagrams, charts, etc) it is suggested that we make our notes for every subjects interesting. It can be done by using different pen color or make a mind map of the subject taught in the class. Make the subjects as visual as possible so it is easy for us to memorize. Flashcards, pictures are the other means that can help visual learner to learn. If we do some assignments, make sure that we also remember what we write or we produce.

The next study skill is for the auditory learner (someone who likes to listen or hear what they learn). If we are this kind of learner, we can read aloud the material we learn because at the same time we memorize something that we listen. The other tip that we can do is we can study by listening to music. If we can still focus on the subjects we learn by listening music with lyrics so it is okay. However if we are difficult to concentrate, it is better if we listen to an instrumental or classical music. To listen to a taped materials is also useful way to do for auditory learner.

The last one is for audio visual learner who has the combination of both types, visual and auditory. For this kind of learner, it is good to use keywords (important terms and words in a subject) and to make questions about the materials that we learn. Beside that, making our own acronym for some points of the material is also interesting and useful. For example, to memorize the color spectrum of a rainbow we use ROY G. BIV for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet and so on. In fact audio visual learner can combine visual and auditory strategies when they learn.

In conclusion, it is not the matter of how smart we are but how smart we learn. Yet, study skill is something that many students don’t apply or even don’t realize. By realizing what type of learner we are, apply some strategies to it, and having a good and discipline time management, students can successfully master any subjects in their school or college.


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