How to Get a Good Husband

Gotcha! I am expecting some girls’ feedback and comment to this article. Because here I want to share about my life experience (actually it’s a privacy, but for the sake of girlhood -or any terms suitable for it- , I finally write it).

So this year, 2014 is a very remarkable year for me. Many things happened. It’s sort of a roller coaster for me. Near the end of this year I got a very exciting job to do. But at the same time, I had a terrible experience. I fell from motorcycle. It’s the worst accident I’ve ever had. At first when I was in the emergency room, I thought it would be only a sprained shoulder or joint. But I was shocked. I broke my collar bone. Oh my God…  I was afraid thinking of any surgery, or treatment that I should take. But I don’t know why, I managed to keep calm, although my shoulder’s hurt. Somehow I just enjoyed the situation because I did something with my husband out of our routines. I thought it was the time for us to spend more time together.

I went through the other two days in the hospital leaving my husband to do all daily chores, taking care of azzam and taking care of me. He washed all our clothes, (although usually we take turn to wash the clothes but this time he really washed all!), fed azzam, bathed me, looked for food to eat, took care the administration in the hospital. And I realize how thankful I am to have my husband who supports me in every situation. He must be really tired of all these. Again I consider him as a very patient man. Indeed, he is. Sometimes, I am angry with him, argue him, say something bad, but if I rewind my memories to the past, he seldom responds back with anger. My experience in the hospital, how will I face this if my husband is an ignorant unlovable person?

So with this experience I conclude that every girls should take this consideration when they choose someone to be his ‘man’. Test your boyfriend or candidate whether he is a patient man or not. You can test him maybe by giving a slow respond to his message sometimes or asking him to do some thing for you, or any other things that you think will test his temper.

The other things that girls should know well about their candidate are the man’s knowledge and practice of the religion and also whether he is a ‘handy man’ who doesn’t mind doing house chores. That’s all I can suggest to the girls who are now trying to find a husband.

Batam, December 10, 2014.


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