Movie Review : Julie and Julia

In my hometown java, cable television is somehow a rather luxurious thing that only few people have this facility. But here in my town, it is very common for people to have this subscribing television since we can get cable television even in a modest boarding house.

So with HBO, FOX movies premium, star sports, foxcrime, national geographic, and some other channels, i feel i can get more english exposure as well as entertainment.

I love watching movies. It’s like i am brought to a world outside me for a while and just witness every single thing happened to the characters.

and to mention it,i got a lesson too.
This afternoon i watched a drama, which i dont really like actually, i prefer action movie,entitled julie and julia

It’s always amazing when we watch a movie that is based on a true story. Ytrue story movie will make us google this and that to get any information about the characters or the actual happenings.
Julie and Julia tells about a married woman Julie who is inspired by a book written by Julia child, a famous American cook. Julie wants to try out 524 recipes iresipes in Julia’s book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. In this movie the writing process of the book is also told, how Julia and her two French friends arranging the book.
The story in my opinion is so natural. Julie writes her experience when she tries out the recipes in 365 days in her blog. At first no one notices her stories but she keeps writing. Then, she receives the first comment in her blog. After than nine more comments . Finally her blog is read by an editor from The New York Times. Since the article telling about her and her blog in The NYT, she then receives many offer, such as writing a book interview in theltelevision show and also an offer to make a movie based on her story.

So this is how Julie and Julia is made. I learn from this movie that writing is a joy. Writing makes you visible to the world. Writing brings passion to read, watch, and observe our sorrounding more closely.


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