I am writing this while listening to Maher Zain’s Alhamdulillah. And the lyrics,

“I never thought about, all the things you’ve given to me, I never thanked you once, I was too proud to see the truth, …”

really touches my heart. I am sometimes too proud to admit of the good things that He has given to me. One of them is my family. Being far from my family, i now realize that they are really a treasure for me. My father and mother are very determined and patient. One thing that makes me proud of them is that they really emphasize the basic islamic teachings to their children. They also try hard to give the best education to all of their children.

It’s not easy for a retired civil servants like my father to send me, my sister and my brother to study in college. But they strive to keep moving. To send us to college and to give the everlasting inheritance, knowledge. Deep down in my heart, i hope someday i can give them something that they will never forget for the rest of their life.
I’m shy that i have married and have my own little family. But still, everytime i get difficulties, they are the one who can give or offer their help at the first hand. Even before i know my own problem, they already realize it.

Although my brother and my sisters are sometimes annoying, in our heart we know that we care each other. I miss gathering with them and sharing anything, stories, foods, new gadgets, and making jokes of ourselves. How i miss my family.

And the other good thing is my own little family. Sometimes i’m so big headed that i only think about myself, and myself, rather than my husband and my son. I’m trying to give the best for them from now on.

Family is a treasure in our life, so don’t take them for granted and always keep them in our prayers.
(Batam, 5th September 2013)


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