Book Review : A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hoseini


This book is the other masterpiece of The Kite Runner’s author, Khaled Hoseini. If you like historical fiction, this book is very recommended. The description about Afghan’s culture and political changes is depicted here. Mariam and Laila, the two main characters in this novel, give us a view of how woman is treated in different Afghanistan regimes. In Taliban and Mujaheedin regime, woman is over-protected, they cannot go outside without their relative/mahram. They have to wear niqob outside their house. At the same time, they seem to lose their chance to get better education since marriage between the ages of 15 – 19 is very common.

Since the down of Islamic Kingdom/monarchy, politics was unstable. As a result, the Afghan’s economy and development remain slow and stagnant. As the author himself is an Afghan, he can describe well the atmosphere of war and the struggle of influence between different tribes and political factions such as Pashtun, Hazara, Tajik, Hekmatyar, and Uzbek. .

This novel portrays the rule in Afghan family in which a harami (a non legitimate son/daughter of a landlord) is born and how the family reacts to the condition. Also, the poligamy practiced by some Afghan men which is considered as the protection to women of the uncertainty and threat of war.

Reading this novel can give us experience of exploring Afghan in 70s to 90s. The conflict in Afghan can be read or watched on TV and paper but in this novel we can see it from Afghani’s point of view.












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