A Brief Overview of Writing Class

Saturday, March 03, 2012 07.15

Writing is somehow a challenging activity because it involves critical, analytical thinking, aesthetic expressions, and also sensitiveness. A piece of writing, in any form, is usually the respond of a certain situation. It may also the analysis of a phenomenon from a person’s point of view. Or, in creative writing, it is the expressions of someone’s thought, feeling, and perspective by the use of figurative meaning.

The function of Writing
Basically writing has three functions. First, it is one way of communication. People communicate not only by speaking or oral communication but also by writing or written communication. When communication technology hasn’t developed well, people used written media such as letters and telegrams to contact with other people or community. In fact, now the use of writing for communication still exists although it is likely shifted to the use of written communication by mostly utilizing the means of technology.
Second, writing is a way of sharing. When people write, they actually share about their opinion, feelings, or ideas. For example researchers write the result of their research to share their ideas about a certain field. Diary writing is the example of how writing is one way to share feelings. And, people write articles, journals, essays, reviews, to share their opinions.
Third, writing is the media to express aesthetic values or expressions by using figurative language. Many kinds of art are in the form of written text for example poems, novels, short stories, etc. They are usually called creative writing. In creative writing, the writers make the readers grow their imagination through the use of idiomatic and figurative meaning.

Writing Process
In the context of academic writing (writing for academic purposes, writing activities in schools or college), the process of writing can be divided into several steps.
1. Prewriting and outlining
It refers to the activity before we write something i.e. we determine the topic and what we will write about that topic. To make us easier to gather as many ideas as possible of a certain topic, we can do some activities.
– Brainstorming
After we get a topic to write about, we brainstorm it by making a list of whatever comes into our mind about the topic. As we’ve got many points in our list, we select several of them that will be elaborated and that have coherence with our topic.
– Clustering
Clustering is a way to gather ideas by deciding what points that we’ll write and find further idea about each point. So here we choose the elaboration that is suitable with each point to be discussed in the writing.
– Free writing
We can explore a topic by free write it. We directly write what we have in mind about a topic as many words, phrases, and sentences as possible without worrying about the structure and the mechanic of our writing. After that, we select the points that are relevant with the theme.
2. The writing process
The next step after gaining and organizing the ideas is of course the writing itself. However, we must consider that we rarely can produce a perfect writing at the first attempt. There may be some ‘misses’ here and there. That’s way the writing process is drawn into several steps.
– Write the rough draft
– Edit the first draft
– Write the second draft
– Edit the second draft
– Write the final draft


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