My Miracle

Whenever I see his face, my heart is full of amazement, astonishment, and wonder. I am amazed to remember about my son’s birth. How come? This little tiny baby came from a single cell and now becomes so real and so human?

For nine months, he remained in my stomach. I brought him wherever I went. I could only feel his heartbeat and his kick. And now, he is here, sleeping near me. With the cutest and most peaceful face I’ve ever seen. I cannot stop thinking that this is a miracle. It’s the miracle of God’s creation, a human being.

His innocent face, little and funny fingers, small hands and feet, cute lips, and tender cheeks, make me feel astonished because I remember a couple months ago, I could only touch and stroke him in my big stomach. I feel that he is the God’s answer to my prayers. And again, remembering the process of a child’s birth is still very amazing.

It is fun only to look at him when he plays around. It’s enjoyment to feed him. The moment that makes us close and somehow connected is when I breastfeed him. That is the most comfortable moment for me and my son.
But I am suddenly wondering, what will he be in the future? What can my husband and I give for him? And so I realize that with this big gift comes a big responsibility too. I should give him the best love and care. Because by giving the best love and care he will learn to love and care to others too.

The other most important thing is that to teach him to know his creator, it’s the very basic education that should be given because I realize that a child is the parents’ investment for the Hereafter if they can make the child a piety person.

And the last one is about education. I want to give the best education to my child. For this reason, I pray to the Almighty that He will give me and my husband financial freedom, and the blessed fortune.
Above all, I love you my son. You are the best miracle I have…. Thank you Allah…


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