my study in college

It was amazing when I entered college in 2004. I thought it was a gift from God because I was accepted in Yogyakarta State University in the English Department, the subject that I like since Junior High School. The reason is that the applicant at that time reached nearly 500 persons and the capacity for the class opened was around 30. Besides, entering a university or having higher education in Indonesia is not as cheap as before. So, I feel thankful to God and also my parents for giving me a chance to continue my study in Yogyakarta State University which has a lower cost compare to other universities in Yogyakarta.

My classmates was only 16 person and most of them come from Jogja. Although at first I experienced the difficulty to adapt with new friends but I felt very excited with the subject and the lecturers. There were many activities in the campus. I joined some of them, for example the group of Islamic discussion activities. In the middle of the first semester, the campus offered some sholarship to the students. Me and some of my friends applied for it since we needed some money to copy and print the materials and of course, some extra pocket money.

Luckily, during my study I got scholarship from the university twice, once from Bantuan Belajar Mahasiswa(BBM) and second from Supersemar foundation. It helped me much in my financial because my father is only a civil servant in a Junior High School who then retired in the third year of my study. I still have one sister and one brother which makes me think that I cannot be a burden for my parents anymore and I should be independent.

So, in the seventh semester, I started a part time job as a private teacher. My schedule became so full with the lecturing and five students to teach. Even, in the eighth semester when I had to do the final assignment, thesis, I got a better job in a public school as an English teacher. As a consequent, I didn’t have enough time to do my thesis and my graduation declined. Although it was not easy, I could have experience more by working and also fund to finish my study. I really get many memories during my study in my college.



By: Kurnia Nur Ainy


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