students’ financial management

Yogyakarta is well-known as the city of education since it has many reputable universities and schools and other facilities that support learning environment. Thus, most people from all over Indonesia are interested to continue their study in this city. For students who come from another city, they commonly rent a room in a boarding house –this is seen as business opportunity for local people-, hire a house with their friends from the same city, or stay with their relatives.

Surely for ‘migrant student’, learning to be independent is a must because they are now away from their parents’ supervision. It means they have to manage themselves for example managing their time, keeping their companionship on the ‘track’, and also managing their financial.

For some rich students, it is not easy to manage financial thing since they feel free to spend their pocket money without  any ‘do buy this…’ or ‘dont buy that one…’ from their parents. As a result, in the end of month their money frequently runs out. The living cost in Jogja is low and it makes  the price in Jogja is cheaper compare to other cities. So, some of them like to spend their money to go shopping to buy either books or clothes, to travel some areas in Jogja, or even to have some entertainment here.

On the other hand, students who have insufficient money are usually more careful to spend their money to make them survive until the end of the month. Some of them cook their own food and go to the college by foot and bicycle to be economical. They sometimes look for a part time job to help their financial.

Finally, managing money is important for ‘migrant students’ in order to make them learn how to be independent and also how to be responsible in handling and spending money. It is useful then if they have list of ‘urgent needs’ and ‘wants’ so they can have priority by keeping in mind the main thing they have to buy.


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